New Feature: Increase Conversions with A/B Split Testing

Simple and Privacy Friendly
Analytics for Framer

Track custom events, increase form submissions, optimize conversion rates with A/B Split Testing and gain insights into user behaviour.

Your first 1,000 Views and Events are free to track!
1K+ Framer and Webflow Experts Track with Humblytics

Track what matters, with ease.

From custom click events, live site activity, through to split testing to improve conversions. Humblytics offers a simple one-click installation without any custom code, tag managers, or data variables.

Simple and Privacy Friendly Analytics for Webflow and Framer

Real-time insights and actionable data that is simple and easy to understand.

Instant Custom Event Tracking

Simple installation for tracking custom click events and form submissions. No need for custom code, data layer variables, or tag managers.

Improve Conversions with A/B Split Testing

Elevate your optimization strategy with our intuitive A/B testing feature. Make data-driven decisions by comparing different versions of your site content to identify which performs best with your audience.

Simple and Affordable Pricing Plans

Start tracking and improving your conversions with our $9/month Plus plan.


For those that want to test things out.
1,000 Lifetime Limit Total Views and Events
Track up to 1 Website
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Leading Framer and Webflow Experts Track With Humblytics

Remove developer dependencies, save time with custom code, and improve track your conversion performance with Humblytics built-in tracking and split testing features.

Simple, straightforward analytics that clients love. I really like the "out of the box" click and form tracking. Humblytics brings clarity to the chaos.
Founder, Waking Digital
Humblytics is now our preferred analytics tool for our agency and clients. Unmatched in speed, robustness, and user experience - perfectly serving our needs as a growing agency.
Founder, Reflow
Humblytics increased our booking conversion rates on our landing page by 4 times using Split Testing.
Founder, Social See

Loved by the Framer and Webflow Community

Used by thousands of Framer and Webflow experts, Humblytics is the leading analytics tool to improve conversion rates for website.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I go over my monthly page views limit?

As you approach 75% of your plan limit, we'll send you an email alert. Once you go past your plan limit, you will have a 3 day grace period to upgrade before we stop tracking.

Are the views, events, and split test limits for each website or for all websites connected?

The plan limits apply for ALL websites connected at an account level.

Do I need to install a cookie-banner or capture constent?

Our analytics collection process doesn't store or read cookies, local storage data, or persistent information on client devices or browsers. Unique users are anonymized through hashing their IP address and device characteristics (e.g., browser version, operating system, hardware information). Original IP addresses are discarded permanently post-hash generation. Device characteristics are grouped into higher-order categories (e.g., browser type, device type).

Are you GDPR compliant?

We're not fully GDPR compliant yet, but we're striving to work towards EU regulations and compliance requirements. If you'd like to use Humblytics when we're GDPR compliant, send us an email ( and we'll be happy to notify you when we are.

How are you privacy focused?

We don't use cookies to track your visitor information removing the need to cookie consent banners.
You can learn more about our data policy and how it works here.