Simple and Privacy-friendly
Analytics for Webflow

Simple installation to track custom click events, measure form submission rates, and run A/B Split Tests. No need for custom code, data layer variables, or tag managers.

1,000 monthly views for free. No credit card required.

Track and Improve Click Conversions

Simple installation for tracking custom click events and form submissions. No need for custom code, data layer variables, or tag managers.

Improve Form Conversion Rates

Measure form submission rates, view referral insights, and track conversion rates.

Engage Your Audience With Advanced CMS Insights

Gain insight into which content resonates with your visitors. Monitor your best-performing CMS items with scroll depth, session length, and more.


Start tracking with ease.

Setup up your Webflow analytics in just a few simple steps. Get started for free.

1000 Monthly Views

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10,000 Monthly Page Views

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Unlimited Websites
100% Data ownership
Unlimited Custom Event Tracking

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I go over my monthly page views limit?

As you're approaching your plan limit, we'll send you an email to upgrade your plan. You will have a 2 day grace period to upgrade, if you don't we will stop tracking past your monthly limit. You can decide to keep your current plan or upgrade to continue tracking.

Can I connect multiple websites?

You can connect as many websites as you'd like, the only limit is the average monthly page views.

How are you privacy focused?

We don't use cookies to track your visitor information removing the need to cookie consent banners.

Are you GDPR compliant?

We're not fully GDPR compliant yet, but we're striving to work towards EU regulations and compliance requirements. If you'd like to use Humblytics when we're GDPR compliant, send us an email ( and we'll be happy to notify you when we are.

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