Humblytics: A Privacy-Friendly Alternative to Google Analytics

Tracking click events in Webflow can be a challenging task, especially when using Google Analytics. However, Humblytics offers a simple and privacy-friendly alternative to both Google Analytics 4 and the previous versions, making click event tracking in Webflow much easier.

The Limitations of Google Analytics for Webflow Click Event Tracking

While Google Analytics is a widely used analytics tool, it has certain limitations when it comes to tracking click events in Webflow:

  1. Complex Setup: Google Analytics requires adding classes and attributes to each tracked element, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

  2. Privacy Concerns: With the introduction of Google Analytics 4, privacy concerns have increased due to its enhanced user tracking capabilities, leading to a need for more privacy-friendly alternatives.

  3. Limited Insights: Google Analytics 4 focuses on event-based tracking, which may not provide the same level of detailed insights into click events as traditional Google Analytics, making it less suitable for some Webflow users.

How Humblytics Simplifies Click Event Tracking in Webflow

Humblytics provides a simpler and privacy-friendly approach to tracking click events in Webflow, without the complexities of Google Analytics 4. Here's how Humblytics stands out:

  1. Easy Setup: Humblytics is designed to seamlessly integrate with Webflow, making it straightforward to set up and start tracking click events.

  2. Privacy-Focused: Unlike Google Analytics 4, Humblytics prioritizes user privacy by not using cookies for tracking visitor information, allowing users to respect privacy regulations without the need for cookie consent banners.

  3. Detailed Event Tracking: Humblytics offers comprehensive insights into click events, with detailed event breakdowns, total occurrences, and unique events, giving Webflow users a deeper understanding of user behavior.

Setting Up Humblytics for Webflow

Follow these steps to set up and use Humblytics for tracking click events in Webflow:

  1. Sign up for a Humblytics account and obtain your tracking code.

  2. In your Webflow project, navigate to Project Settings > Custom Code.

  3. Paste your Humblytics tracking code into the Head Code section and save your changes.

  4. Publish your Webflow site to see the changes take effect.

  5. Log in to your Humblytics account to view and analyze your click event data.

By choosing Humblytics as an alternative to Google Analytics 4, Webflow users can simplify their click event tracking while maintaining user privacy. With Humblytics, you'll experience an easy setup process, privacy-friendly tracking, and detailed insights into click events.

Give Humblytics a try for your Webflow projects and see the difference it makes in optimizing your analytics capabilities without compromising user privacy.