How to Add Custom Event Tracking for Webflow Sites

Humblytics allows users to enhance their Webflow projects by adding and using custom attributes. Custom attributes enable more precise tracking and tailored analytics to better understand user interactions on your website.

Adding Custom Attributes

  1. Access Webflow Designer
    • Open your Webflow project in the Webflow Designer.
  2. Select the Element
    • Click on the element you want to add a custom attribute to.
  3. Add Custom Attribute
    • In the element settings panel, scroll to the "Custom Attributes" section.
    • Click "Add Custom Attribute".
    • Enter the name and value for your custom attribute (e.g., humblytics="hero-nav-btn").
  4. Save and Publish
    • Save your changes in Webflow.
    • Publish your site to apply the new custom attributes.

Using Custom Attributes in Humblytics

  1. Log in to Humblytics
    • Go to the Humblytics dashboard and log in with your credentials.
  2. Navigate to "Clicks" on the Side Navigation Bar
    • Navigate to the "Clicks" section.
    • Look for the custom attribute event name, assuming it has been triggered at least once.
  3. Monitor Custom Attributes
    • Use the real-time insights and reports in Humblytics to analyze data associated with your custom attributes.
    • Track specific interactions and gather detailed analytics based on the custom attributes added to your Webflow elements.
FAQ elements are automatically tracked with Humblytics

Resources and Guidelines

For further assistance and visual guidance, refer to the following resources: