Track your most-clicked FAQs, IP Whitelist, Design Enhancements

Track FAQ Click Events

No more second guessing, track your most-clicked FAQs in Framer without any custom code or attributes. Install the script and we’ll show you which questions your visitors are interacting with. You can do this in Webflow custom attributes as well.

IP Whitelisting

We heard your feedback and added IP Whitelisting back into our app to ensure that your own traffic is not included in your data.

Split Testing Design Enhancements

Micro-design enhancements to improve the experience of the main analytics dashboard including additional data in your Split Test experiments to see when it was started, finished, and the randomization type you selected.

Email Alerts

We introduced new email alerts when your site is gaining a lot of traffic and a grace period to upgrade before we pause tracking on your plan limit.

Bug Fixes

We squashed a bug where long URLs were not being properly truncated in referral traffic along with other smaller issues and optimizations to enhance your experience.

That’s it for today, see you in a few weeks for another round of exciting updates.