Public Dashboard Links, External Workspace Sites, and More

We're constantly striving to improve and bring you new features that make your experience even more efficient and user-friendly.

Public Dashboard Sharing

Easily generate shareable links with set expiration dates.

Getting Started:

1. Click "Share Dashboard".
2. Choose an expiry time.
3. Copy the link and share.

Note: Available for Starter Plans and above.

Track Websites Seamlessly in External Workspaces

Setup Guide:

1. Go to your account dashboard.
2. Select "+ Webflow Site".
3. Authorize the desired workspace.
4. Implement the required scripts.
5. Repeat for additional workspaces as needed.

Enhanced Date Filtering

Introducing advanced date queries like "Last 12 Months", "Week to Date", and "Month to Date".

Keep an eye out for custom date ranges in V2.