Track Your Framer Site with Humblytics, and Upcoming Plan Limit Changes

This update includes a series of enhancements aimed at improving the usability and functionality of our analytics tools, influenced heavily by user feedback and our commitment to advancing our service.

We're also excited to introduce our new integration with Framer, expanding our services to support more platforms and enhance user experiences across different environments.

Framer Integration

We're thrilled to announce our new integration with Framer! This expansion allows users to leverage Humblytics’ powerful analytics tools within Framer projects, providing seamless tracking and insights across an even wider array of platforms.

Upcoming Plan Changes Effective April 22, 2024:

We're introducing some significant updates to our plans, which aim to enhance your analytics capabilities:

- Introduction of the Lite Plan: Track 1 website with a lifetime limit of 1,000 views and events, perfect for those just starting out.

- Unified Tracking Metrics: Simplify your analytics by counting page views and events together towards your plan's cap, ensuring a unified tracking experience.

- Defined Site Limits: Set limits from 1 to 100 active sites based on your plan, to better align with your tracking needs.

- Grace Period for Paid Plans: A new 3-day grace period for all paid plans to help you upgrade without disruption if you reach your plan's limit.

Action Needed:

Please review your current usage to ensure uninterrupted data tracking. After April 22, 2024, tracking will adapt to fit within your plan's limits. Additional sites beyond your plan's capacity will be archived, with tracking paused until you decide to upgrade or the next billing cycle begins.

See Who's Visiting Your Site More Clearly

We’ve enhanced the referrer traffic visibility on the dashboard. Now, you can click on any referrer URL to get a detailed breakdown of the exact web pages directing traffic to your site, rather than just the website name. This feature provides a clearer and more granular view of your traffic sources, helping you understand and optimize your referral strategies.

Easier Split Testing Setup

Setting up a split test is now more user-friendly. We've streamlined the process to make it quicker and more intuitive, allowing you to start testing with minimal effort. Enjoy a smoother setup experience and get to testing faster.Setting up a split test is now more user-friendly.

We've streamlined the process to make it quicker and more intuitive, allowing you to start testing with minimal effort. Enjoy a smoother setup experience and get to testing faster.

Improved Split Testing Methodology

We've revamped how split testing functions. Previously, the method involved directing all visitors initially to one version of a page before randomly distributing half to an alternate version. This approach led to complications if search engines indexed the secondary version, disrupting the balance of visitor traffic. Our new method ensures a more balanced mix of traffic between both versions from the start, targeting an ideal 50-50 split to enhance the reliability of your test results.

We've updated our split testing mechanism to provide a more balanced and efficient experience. In the past, our system required directing all initial visitors to a primary version of a page (URL A), before redistributing approximately half to a secondary version (URL B). The redirection process was applied exclusively to traffic arriving at URL A, which led to an uneven distribution of session and page views between the two versions.

This imbalance arose from users accessing URL B directly through various means such as search engine results, other site links, or their browser history, thereby bypassing the intended traffic split.To address these issues, our revamped methodology now encompasses redirect management for all incoming traffic to both URL A and URL B. This enhancement ensures that regardless of the entry point, users will receive a consistent experience, while simultaneously achieving an equitable distribution of traffic across both page versions.

Smarter Integration with Webflow

We've made significant improvements to our integration with Webflow- this includes robust connection stability and the added flexibility to easily disconnect from Webflow within the settings. This update ensures a smoother experience and greater control over how Humblytics interacts with your Webflow projects.

Live Event Feed: Real-Time Updates

Updates to the live event feed now ensure that events are displayed in the order they occur. This change makes it easier to track and respond to activities on your site as they happen, providing a more intuitive and chronological overview of events.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance our platform based on your valuable feedback.